Add a welcome tab on Facebook page

Add a welcome tab from headsocial.comAdding a custom welcome tab is really important on a Facebook page. The main purpose of the welcome tab is to provide a default landing page for a new user on the facebook page. By default on facebook page user lands on the wall. Since the message on wall keeps changing based on new posts, it is really important to have tab that describes the purpose of the page. Engages the user and provides a reason to the user to Like (and connect) with the page. Once the user likes the page they get regular updates from the facebook page and remain connected. provides multiple applications that can be used to serve as Welcome tab on Facebook page. You could use HTML app or iFrame App, both of which allow you to display custom HTML, as welcome tab. The applications allow you to display anĀ appetizing image which would prompt users to like the page. Once the user likes the page you could display a custom message as to what all users should view on this page.

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