Facebook viral features to use in your apps

Facebook viral features to use in your appsFacebook provides many viral features to engage your customers. Not only does it allow you to engage the customers but it also gives very easy ways to get the words out about your service. It is really important that we put the tools at our disposal to the best use. But before we can use the tools effectively, we need to understand the tools well. Also, we shall discuss later in the article what all tools are used in the apps provided by HeadSocial.com

1. Like: Have users like your pages. When users do this there are 2 channels that open up for you. First is that the User likes your page message is automatically posted on user’s wall which goes in their Facebook feed. This may prompt the user’s friends to check out your page as well. Second, any time there is any activity on your page’s wall it goes to these users as feed and allows them to interact with your messages.  So it really is important that users connect with your page by liking it.

2. Invite Friends: Facebook provides a very easy way to allow users to invite their friends to your custom Facebook tab (applications). The users are presented with an option to select multiple friends, write a custom message and send an invite. More details can be found here


3. Post on profile: Facebook allows users to share content from applications on their walls which would in turn be sent in their feed to friends. This message would have a message that you can create, also Facebook allows the user who is sharing the message to type in some custom message. You can have a picture or flash content added to the message.

4. Facebook Comment: Facebook allows the custom applications to have Facebook comment system enabled. Comment posting allows users to optionally post the comments to their own Facebook wall.  Comments on the applications can help engage the users and also help them get the word out.

HeadSocial.com provides many Facebook applications that can be added as a tab on your page. All the applications on  HeadSocial allow you to leverage the above stated Facebook features. There are many interesting ways you can use the these viral techniques to get the users to spread the words. That will be the topic of another post :) .





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