Create Google + page for your business

Google Plus

Well we finally gave in and wanted to create a Google+ page for ourselves. Going by our past experience with Google we thought it will be a breeze.  But we are sorry to say, it was not exactly so. Reasons? may be G+ is still evolving, may be G+ pages was launched in a hurry? we can only guess. Some of the problems we faced:

1. We had already created (blocked the name) when the G+ pages featured was launched, so we now wanted to go back and edit the page. But it was no where to be found. We then had to search to see how we can edit our pages and came up with this link 

2. Wanted to setup a profile picture and was kind of hoping that will be simple as uploading a picture. Well we were in for a surprise, yes you can upload a picture but it needs to be a square and if it’s not square in shape you cannot have the complete picture displayed. Tried both simple and advanced editor :( . So had to edit the picture in plain old desktop photo editor tool and uploaded a square picture as needed by G+ :)

3. Thought okay now lets try and add some videos and since we had a few videos on Youtube, we were hoping we can easily have them display on our Video tab on G+. When you go to add video it gives 2 options one is to upload a video second is youtube. So we thought we were right for once but no. Another surprise waited us :) . Video from Youtube are not displayed on video tab but goes in as a post. May be G+ is not tightly integrated with YouTube. So may be they want us to upload the video again? Or may be this is an opportunity for us to create an App to show videos :)

So anyways now HeadSocial is on Google + and that is what is important. So come circle us in :)



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